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REPLACEMENT PROCESS (full pricing required) 

1.       We will replace any inaccurate information 1 for 1       

2.       We will replace any lead on the National or State Do Not Call 

3.    Each order will receive a maximum of 1 replacement order. That replacement order must be replaced within 30 days of your leads being delivered 

We do not guarantee we will replace internal clients. Internal clients are handled as a case by case scenario with your account manager. If your account manager approves a replacement from internal clients you will be required to provide us a spreadsheet of the leads marked as internal clients. Any internal clients replaced will no longer be exclusive.   Replacements are only provided 1 time per purchase. Expected delivery after a replacement order is filed is 4 days. 

Rules for Replacements 

Not every order or every customer qualifies for replacements Each order and customer is treated as it's own case. 

To put in a replacement request for any inaccurate data you must provide call notes or call outcomes on your excel (.csv) file to your account manager. We do not guarantee 100% accurate data. Our support team will review your replacement request and see if you qualify for replacements. 

If you provide us with a list of internal clients from your purchased list we may offer a 1 time replacement for those internal clients (not internal DNC) We will not provide a second replacement for internal clients.  We are not required to provide you with replacements on internal clients, however if you submit a request to your account manager they may approve this replacement request for you. 

We do not guarantee replacements with out an internal review. If replacements are provided we only provide a maximum of 1 replacement order per sales order. 

You can learn more about expected data accuracy by viewing this article in our knowledge base

Fill out Replacement Request Form here

Below you can click the button to access the form to place a replacement request. We recommenced reaching out to your account manager and letting them know you have filled out the replacement request. Your account manager will make sure your request is properly filled out and submitted to our processing department.  When you access the replacement request you will be required to provide (upload) your worked through leads or internal clients. If you are uploading your worked through leads to submit a replacement request on any inaccurate information you will need to have a field for "call outcomes" or "call notes" so our team can filter through your call statistics.  If this information is not provided our office will request you have call outcomes or call notes filled in for each lead before reviewing your replacement request. If you have any issues with the Form please reach out to your account manager or call 1-888-880-5069 and our system will direct you to your account manager. 

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