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Taking self reported leads to the next level!

Nationwide Marketing can provide you with statistics of what type of success you should have from one of our groups listed below before you even purchase. Every year our team gathers data from past customers so we can improve next years data. In 2017 we followed 4 groups of data excluding customers who received email addresses and here are the numbers advisors like yourself have provided us. 

401k Rollover  2.6%  |  Managed Assets  2.4%  |  Life Insurance  1.6%  |  Annuity Seekers  1.1%  

Visit  Unlimited Access to Unlimited Leads Is a website where you can search through our data to find your next leads. 

401k Rollover     ($385)

Our Rollover group includes 250 individuals who have recently retired and have $350,000+ in a 401K account. We have Verified their information over the past 27+ days to verify that they are interested in finding out what options are available for them to move their funds to something more beneficial for their long term needs, and have someone manage their investments. All prospects have opted in through Online Interest, Product Registrations, and subscribers.

– Prospects are between 50 & 72
– all confirmed homeowners
– have retired or left their employment within 12 months( some type of life transition)
– have $300,000+ invested in their retirement funds



Our Managed Group includes 175 individuals who are currently unhappy with their financial advisor.  We have Verified their information over the past 20+ days to verify  that they are currently dissatisfied with their current advisor, generally due to lack of communication or performance. Prospect indicated they would like a local advisor to contact them about possibly moving their funds. All prospects have opted in through Online Interest, Product Registrations, and subscribers.
– ages between 32 & 67
– all confirmed homeowners
– income of $100,000+
– have $500,000+ invested in a managed account



We also have a list of 150 Prospects who expressed interest in fixed & variable annuity products, or they have been unhappy with their current annuity investment. They indicated they are looking to speak to a different advisor/agent about their annuity. Most individuals already invested in annuities, have had them for 4 years. All prospects have opted in through Online Interest, Product Registrations, and subscribers.
– ages 40-65
– all confirmed homeowners
– have an annuity investment of $250,000+


Life Insurance   ($300)

Life insurance prospects 150 individuals who are currently seeking life insurance. They have also indicated over the last 90 days they are interested in speaking to a local agent regarding life insurance. All prospects have opted in through Online Interest, Product Registrations, and subscribers.

– ages between 28 & 50
– all confirmed homeowners
– income of $100,000+
– manage assetsaccount of $200,000+

Order Process
Email Quality
Data Quality

We guarantee that within 110 days of receiving your purchased data you will gain new clientele. If this guarantee is not met we will provide you with a 15% credit for your net purchase. On Unlimited data throughout 1 year we guarantee consistent results which are figured in your 13 page contract.

We do not offer refunds of any kind. If approved from customer service they may provide you with a gift card for a credit with our company. 

If you come across any inaccurate data we will replace the information after you have worked through all purchased data. Replacements are delivered within 20 business days

We offer guaranteed statistics on our data and we will stand behind our success rate. If the purchased information fails to meet our ranking standards we will offer you a 15% discount on your next purchase or a replacement of any inaccurate information 1 for 1.

We will provide you with a direct number to someone in our customer service staff who will be your account manager for any future questions or concerns you may have.

We will not sell any information you provide us to anyone. All provided information will be kept confidential.

First National Information Network a Nationwide Marketing Company

Order Process

Delivery Time:  Once we can verify that your payment has successfully been received with our accounts team we will begin processing your order within 24 hours, and will guarantee to have your order sent to you within 72 hours of receiving your payment. As discussed in prior conversations if we receive the payment of ($xxx.xx) by the end of business today we will do our best to have processing completed within 12 hours. If you choose to have a digital copy of your purchased order instead of a hard copy it's your responsibility to call us and have your order resent if you do not see your purchased leads in your inbox. 

Data Details: All data will be pulled within the criteria you have provided us on order XXXXX. Included will be all the contact information for each prospect as well as any data accumulated with their becoming a prospect (investment information)

What We Ask:  Once you have successfully wired or provided payment for order XXXXX that you fax your signed invoice with any missing fields corrected and filled in to 1-(845)-770-3380. If you could also send an email to notifying that you have faxed requested information to us. Also if any of the preferred areas have changed from what we have on our invoice please correct the invoice before faxing.

As Discussed you will be receiving the information in excel form via email for fasted delivery. We will deliver data to
you can contact support at and by phone at 1-(888)-880-5069


How Replacements Work

1. We will replace any inaccurate information 1 for 1      

2. We will replace any lead on the National or State Do Not Call 

3.    Each order will receive a maximum of 1 replacement order. That replacement order must be replaced within 30 days of your leads being delivered 

We do not guarantee we will replace internal clients. Internal clients are handled as a case by case scenario with your account manager. If your account manager approves a replacement from internal clients you will be required to provide us a spreadsheet of the leads marked as internal clients. Any internal clients replaced will no longer be exclusive.   Replacements are only provided 1 time per purchase. Expected delivery after a replacement order is filed is 4 days. 


Our Refund Policy 

We do not offer refunds. If approved from customer service you may receive a gift card for in store credit. 

Email Quality

If you add email addresses onto your list here is the accuracy you can expect. 

Due to high turnover in emails, we estimate the accuracy to be 70%... still the best in the business!

Data Quality

Nationwide Marketing Data Quality 

Due to high turnover in emails, we estimate the accuracy to be 70%... still the best in the business!

Our business databases are updated every month and are 95% accurate.

Our consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate.

We’ll provide you with the highest quality databases, but keep in mind that no list is 100% accurate.



Yes, we do scrub our leads against the Federal Do Not Call List… but are not guaranteed.

However, keep in mind, new phone numbers are added to the Do Not Call list every day and the DNC list is constantly changing. If you select leads with phones ‘where available’, the leads that have phone numbers that match the DNC list will be flagged. If you select a list with 100% DNC scrubbed phones, all leads are scrubbed against the DNC list and all phone numbers that match are removed.

Additionally, because people add new phone numbers to the Do Not Call list every day and the DNC list is constantly changing, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that these phone numbers have been removed from your leads before calling.

If you select 100% phones, all leads will contain a phone number; both available for calling and those that have been flagged for DNC.


According to the rules of the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), which went into effect October 16, 2013, calls that are manually dialed and do not contain a pre-recorded message are exempt from the TCPA.

The TCPA also states that prior express written consent will be required for all autodialed and/or pre-recorded calls/texts sent/made to cell phone and pre-recorded calls made to residential land lines for marketing purposes.

More information can be found at the following link:



With our online list portal, finding new customers is easy. Our industry-leading system helps you find more customers and gives you the marketing tools you need to expand your business.

  • Trillions of data points
  • Updated constantly
  • Easy API integration

  • Real time search results
  • Robust database tools
  • 24/7 directory access




We take care of the setup process offering unlimited support to make onboarding easy.


Connect our API into your CRM or DMP and immediately target prospects efficiently.


Engage with your customers. They are so much more than just phone numbers or emails.






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